Fourth Grade Curriculum Materials

These materials are designed to fit in with the curriculum for fourth grade both in State history and geology. Fourth grade teachers, private school teachers, scout leaders, home-schoolers, and anyone else who is interested may obtain the workbooks free of charge by contacting Stacy Shifflett at (801) 538-5383 or by email: Stacy Shifflett, or by completing the online form. The main mailing occurs annually in January.

    Workbook News: Newsletter for fourth grade teachers. Designed to accompany the Mining Utah's Heritage student workbook and is updated each year.

    Skit Script: A skit illustrating the dangers of exploring abandoned mines.

    Mine Quiz: An attractive full-color poster with a true/false quiz on abandoned mines.

    Bats of Utah Poster: This poster shows many of the bat species that live in Utah, their habitats, feeding habits, and general size information.